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A series of new reports has been published on 20 December 2013 by Safe Work Australia.

These reports focus on the evidence and method for developing and conducting a Body Sizing Survey that for the first time which includes Fit Mapping as part of the data collection. Fit mapping is the relationship between anthropometry and fit metrics. Fit metrics is the measurement of fit (apparel/PPE and environment).

This is needed because there is currently no underlying principles that translate body measurements into products that fit.

This is intended as a template for any country to develop and use.

Anthropometric surveys undertaken in other countries have helped improve work health and safety, increase productivity and reduce inefficiency. But this is the first one to focus on principles of fit.

This report builds on the 2009 Australian Safety and Compensation Council report “Sizing Up Australia: How contemporary is the anthropometric data Australian designers use?’ which found Australia needs a body sizing survey.

For the reports see:

SHARP Dummies logomanikins SHARP Dummies is a company dedicated to improving the fit of apparel. We do this by meeting the needs of apparel manufacturers and retailers who need to improve efficiency by becoming more competitive; SHARP Dummies, through its commercial arm of SHARP Manikins, has produced apparel fit dummies or mannequins that represent real people.

Working with researchers across two continents, including Dr Kathleen Robinette and the US Navy, SHARP Dummies, in a world first, has developed a unique method of assisting apparel manufacturers produce garments, which will fit a wider range of customers.

Anthropometric surveys were carried out across multiple countries in different continents; the results of these surveys, along with CAESER data have been utilised in the development of our manikins, which are available for commercial purchase. SHARP Manikins are unique and are protected by patents and design registrations.

SHARP Dummies is a member of the World Engineering Anthropometry Resource. WEAR and SHARP database is available, along with 145 other databases from 6 continents and 15 countries through WEAR.

The upcoming WEAR Conference will be in Valencia, 22nd-23rd of September 2010. The following WEAR conference will be held in Adelaide, February 14th 2011.

Daisy Veitch & Verna Blewett will be conducting a one day anthropometric workshop on behalf of HFESA on October 1st 2010 in Adelaide, South Australia. There will be an introduction to the WEAR database. For more information please contact Daisy Veitch

Please keep checking this website for more details as they emerge.

Further to the previously mentioned surveys and data, in 2002, a national survey was carried out in Australia by a team of experts, led by Professor Maciej Henneberg Head of the Discipline of Anatomical Sciences at the University of Adelaide, Australia and Ms Daisy Veitch Managing Director, SHARP Dummies Pty Ltd and Director of SHARP Manikins Pty Ltd. This survey, which analysed the body shapes and sizes of a large representation of the population, contributed vital information needed in the creation of our product. The results of this survey can be found on our Data Results Page.